Varje framgångshistoria börjar med en idé och växer med gemensam förståelse. Med rätt content och genomtänkta strategier har vi och våra kunder navigerat mot mätbara framgångar. Det är en resa av samarbete och innovation som konsekvent har lett till positiva resultat.


Kayakstore, a prominent player in the outdoor sector, navigated through the digital marketing jungle, but didn’t reach their desired returns. The dream of better content and increased conversion rates led to a new collaboration. We created both static and video ads for their digital campaigns and managed their ad accounts. With the right strategy, we sailed straight towards a ROAS of 22.5x. We also had the privilege to implement their email strategy, which now contributes a significant portion of the company’s total revenue. A reminder of how the right content and strategies can be the key to unlocking desired results.


Return On Ad Spend


Returning Customers


Conversion Rate


Return on Ad Spend






In the digital age, where content is king, having the right kind of content to engage and convert is crucial. Hängmatta aimed to elevate their brand and sales through high-quality video content. We had the privilege of creating video ads that highlighted the unique features and versatility of their clothes, addressing their challenge of showcasing stretch and functionality. By focusing on authenticity and quality, our videos helped to strengthen the connection between the brand and its target audience. The encouraging results, including increased engagement and conversion rate, highlighted the importance of adding converting video content in their digital marketing strategy.


Gott & Blandat is a performance featuring the comedic icons Jan Rippe and Per Fritzell. Through a tailored digital strategy, influenced by the e-commerce realm, we assisted them in filling and selling out arenas in over 15 cities in Sweden. The blend of authentic content and strategic advertising – video, still imagery, and newspaper advertising, resulted in sold-out performances. A testament to the effect of well-structured content and a thoughtful strategy.


Sold Out Arenas


Average CTR


Video View Rate

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